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Effortless events for organizers and attendees alike.

Manage, list and promote all your company's events. Automate registrations, reminders and follow-ups for your attendees.

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Eventlists cares about you…

As an organizer

Say goodbye to the stress of organizing events manually, or even worse - juggling multiple events simultaneously.

Let Eventlist help you with registrations, reminders, keeping track of those lacto-ovo-only-with-gluten-intolerance attendees for the dinner party, and who is on the waiting list.

As an attendee

Signing up for an event should be an smooth process. Learn about the event, register, receive a confirmation, be reminded when the event is approaching. And possibly a follow-up. That's it.

Eventlist puts the attendee in control and makes sure that everything is communicated and clear before the event.

So what's included?

We try our best to focus on the fundamentals and get rid of bloat. Nonetheless, Eventlist is packed with nifty little features to make the lifes of event organizers and attendees sweet. Here are some of them.

  • Publish with style

    Craft visually appealing event pages effortlessly, showcasing your events in its best light.

    We take design seriously and puts our soul into making everything look and feel awesome.

  • Private or public

    Tailor your event site's visibility to suit your needs, with options to make it accessible to the public or keep it private for exclusive gatherings, such as internal business events.

  • Attendee registration

    Simple registration process for your event attendees, making it easy for them to sign up, ensuring a smooth start to their event experience.

    For each event, you can specify number of attendees, RSVP, additional questions, and more.

  • Passwordless

    Everyone is sick of keeping track of passwords. We offer enhanced security while reducing friction by offering passwordless access.

  • Reminders

    Keep your event on everyone's radar by sending out timely automated alerts and notifications, ensuring no one misses a thing.

    You can customize all emails if the defaults aren't to your liking.

  • Brandable and themeable

    Customize your event site's appearance and branding to align perfectly with the image of your business.

  • Your own subdomain

    Every event site gets their own dedicated subdomain, giving you an easy-to-rember URL for all your events.

  • Event surveys Coming soon

    Gather valuable feedback from attendees to stay on top and enhance future events.


We are simple people who like simple pricing. And we don't care much about delirious pricing tables. Cheers to one-price-fits-all!

39 / month / site

Including everything

  • Unlimited events, with a soft limit of 300 attendees per event.
  • Yes, even multiple users. Charging per user is sneaky. We are not.
  • 14-day trial period. No binding period. Cancel anytime.